Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy 8th Birthday Henry!

Henry had been asking to go bowling for months (okay, maybe it had been years) so his birthday was the perfect opportunity to do it.  Our local Irvine Bowl had a weekday lunch time special- two games with shoes, two hot dogs and soda for $10.  
So on a Thursday, enjoying the homeschool advantage, we went bowling. And Henry is proud to say he even ate 3 of those hot dogs.  Two games were a lot for this crew, so I'm hoping it got the bowling requests out of the system.  Also, grateful that no one got hurt and nothing was broken. 
That evening we had pizza and cake with our good friends, the Blackmans.  Always fun to celebrate!  Favorite gifts were a nerf gun and portable art easel.
Henry wants to be an inventor when he grows up- in fact sometimes he worries he may lose all the good ideas he has now before he is able to put them all into action.  We studied Leonardo da Vinci recently, so he began keeping a journal with drawings of his ideas and plans.  
Henry is a leader at pretend play with Natalie and Peter.  It usually has to do with some sort of animal, often pets, especially cats.  Dad got him a huge cat book for his birthday and now he puts on shows where he poses like the cats in the books.  
Henry is a adventurer.  He does need to have more explicit instructions though- like the time he was on the roof and insisted that no one said he couldn't go out on the roof.  Often his defense is airtight even if wisdom hasn't caught up with him yet. 
Henry is an observer who sees the world differently.  One of his most difficult chores is emptying the dishwasher because he finds out new things about each dish and utensil as he pulls it out- which ones balance on the others, what sounds they make banging together, how much water they can hold, whether or not he can lift them with tongs, etc etc.  Well, I guess it's only difficult for me because the job takes so long!
Henry makes us laugh.  He is also interested in all things 'spy' so I will often have him sneaking up behind me in stealth mode- and he's pretty good at it!  We love you Henry!!

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