Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ever see one of these?

We had a produce box delievered from the local CSA and this was one of the vegetables in the box. Wow! It was beautiful, like lots of tiny Christmas trees. I had to check online to find out it is called a "Romanesco". We steamed it and had it for dinner last night- very yummy and good texture, much like cauliflower.

I'm not sure we'll do the CSA delivery often since it seemed a bit too expensive for what we got. The only reason I decided to try this one is because the local milkman did a sales call here last week and signed us up for milk delivery. In addition to milk, they can deliver lots of other food items such as the produce boxes. They arrive on the doorstep on Wednesday mornings by 5am. Not sure how long we'll stick with the delivery service, but getting that beauty (or mutant depending how you look at it) made the purchase worth it this week!
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  1. NEVER seen one of these! But now I want to taste one! :) I love the idea of having milk delivered to my home! Just like the good old days!