Thursday, December 10, 2009

All Dressed Up

Today I took the three biggest kids to see the Nutcracker at the Barclay Theater in Irvine. It was a performance adapted for kids (narrated and only 1 hour long) but it definitely impressed all of us.

Since the kids were all dressed up, we took a few kids photos- potentially for Christmas cards, but in case I don't get that far at least you can see the photos here (as well as some of the ones that didn't quite make the cut).

It's much easier taking photos of the kids now that they are older, but as you can see Peter couldn't quite make it to the end.

Great Nana Drabick sent Natalie some money for her birthday so I took her shopping for a Christmas dress. It was the first time that she got to go shopping to try on dresses and narrow her choices down. In the end she chose the one that came with a matching dress for her doll.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sprinkles in California

Okay, it wasn't much rain in Irvine (unlike San Diego or the snow in the mountains) but it was enough for Natalie to get out her new umbrella and boots and dance around outside. She was in paradise!