Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday Carson!

Carson turned 10 on the last day of our Missouri vacation. We had celebrated his birthday earlier while all the cousins were still there by opening presents and roasting smores. But on his birthday morning we said goodbye to Gram and Gramps, got in the car, and began the long drive home. 
Carson likes to eat so his one request was to pick all the meals for the day, and Golden Corral was top on his list.  We don't have these in California, so we've only eaten here on road trips.  But gratefully there was one in Wichita Kansas- so we celebrated his birthday lunch with steak and cake and ice cream! 
Carson also likes to read.  His birthday night was our Wizard of Oz adventure, but this picture shows our most common view of him- behind a book.  He finished the Guardians of Gahoole series during vacation, but here he is shown with his newest Tin Tin book.  

Carson learned he liked to fish so we got him a fishing rod for his birthday.  It was a perfect way to spend lots of time down by the lake when he had enough of climbing trees and tea parties.  He is intense at most anything he tries and was successful pretty quick- even if it involved lots of untangling.  
Carson likes to win and play video games.  Eric took him to play laser tag on our way home in Albuquerque.  What a blast!  He loves anything competitive especially if it has guns and strategy.  He's also excited about a new set of legos he got for his birthday and is on his way to becoming a 'master builder'.

Carson is very responsible and trustworthy- generally serious and sometimes worried.  He is a huge help around the house and a kind big brother.  Having a ten year old is new for us- the balance between having a man sized boy who can carry on very meaningful adult conversations, yet is still a child that needs someone to wipe his face occasionally!  

Yes, and I did say man-sized.  Carson was the youngest on the baseball team this spring- but you'll see him third from the left- while the coaches are almost at eye level on the right.  He's 5'6" now and his size is generally the first thing you notice (and if you check out his feet they are now size 11!).  But his eagerness to learn and respond to coaching also set him apart.  Even though the baseball team had a terrible record, Carson worked really hard and had a great attitude.  

Happy Birthday Carson!  Welcome to the double digits!  You are growing up to be quite a man and we love you very much!!

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